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Welcome to the Bolinas-Stinson School

Our Vision

We educate students to be inspired critical thinkers, confident of their creativity and motivated to achieve academic excellence. Essential learning, grounded in sustainable community and environmental stewardship, prepares each student to successfully pursue the opportunities of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage students' native intelligence and creativity in learning processes, instilling in them self-confidence, poise, and an inquisitive, life-long love of learning. To achieve this mission we will provide:

  • A broad, comprehensive curriculum, integrated across disciplines and designed to enrich the learning experience. Our curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, performing and visual arts, Spanish language, physical education, health, environmental studies and technology;
  • A challenging academic program that will prepare each student to excel in high school and life experiences;
  • Exceptional teachers who effectively employ innovative, high-quality instructional strategies;
  • An educational community of small classes and trusting, collaborative relationships between staff, students and parents;
  • An educational program tailored to the needs of each individual student;
  • A beautiful and inspiring learning environment that emphasizes place: the unique features of our natural environment and local communities;
  • A school that models sustainable practices, compassion and individual responsibility.