BSUSD Board Members

Nate Siedman, President

Nicolette Niman, Clerk

Jennie Pfeiffer

Arianne Dar

Georgia Woods

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BSUSD Mission, Vision, & North Star

Our Vision

We educate students to be inspired critical thinkers, confident of their creativity and motivated to achieve academic excellence. Essential learning, grounded in sustainable community and environmental stewardship, prepares each student to successfully pursue the opportunities of life.

Our Mission

We are committed to engaging students with cooperative and creative problem solving providing them with the tools they need to become independent thinkers, and lifelong learners. We promote a culture of respect which values diversity and the whole child.

Our North Star

Our School’s North Star was a collaborative effort by all members of our school community to identify the key qualities below that we want to foster in our students to help them become their best selves for a better world.

  • Cultivate positive relationships ~ kind, empathetic, respectful, able to resolve conflicts

  • Independent Life Long Learner ~ curious, confident, growth mindset

  • Appreciate diversity ~ advocate for social justice, empowered to create change, able to see from multiple perspectives

  • Aware of Self ~ mentally & physically healthy, resilient, responsible, self-disciplined

  • Creative ~ able to explore solutions to problems, able to express self many ways