Principal's Message, November 14, 2020

Dear Bolinas-Stinson School Families,

Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to create a safe and healthy in-person learning environment for our students, staff, and families, as well as meet the needs of families who will continue to engage in distance learning.  Unfortunately, I cannot give you a set date when we will be open for in-person learning, but I believe we are getting close. Please read the following information carefully to be prepared for when we return to in-person learning.

Daily Mandatory Health Screening Report for Staff and Students - BSUSD Family Pilot Starting Monday, November 16th, 2020

In order to help facilitate the safe return of students and staff on our campuses, we have been diligently exploring all options that meet state and local guidelines. One important measure we are taking is conducting a daily health screening of all staff and students. 

We have partnered with CrisisGo, and are utilizing their confidential Safety iPASS health-screening platform. This program will ask parents and staff to pre-certify that they and/or their child/children are healthy to return to school daily. 

On Monday, November 16, 2020, you should receive your first daily health screening email from Safety iPASS. We ask that you submit a report each time you receive this email so that we can fully test this system. You may choose your language preference in the upper right corner. The email will look like this:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child: Student Name 

Due to COVID-19, we have implemented a special COVID-19 pre-visit certification process to protect our students. 

Please complete today's pre-visit certification report for your child by clicking the report button. This is due by 8am each morning.

REPORT BUTTON (Testing only, not active)

If you would like further information on Safety iPASS, please click this video link for a 1-minute overview.  If you experience any problems accessing the reporting website, please use this link for Troubleshooting Suggestions.

BSUSD Community Handbook for COVID-19 Safety

A comprehensive BSUSD Community Handbook for COVID 19 Safety is in its final editing stages and will be released soon, both in hard copy and as a digital link on our BSUSD Website. This handbook was created in partnership with our state and local health agencies and customized by the Steering Committee for our BSUSD community. Parents should read this document carefully and will be asked to sign a pledge to follow all recommended health and safety guidelines.

Return to In-Person Learning Progress

Our school community has rallied to collaboratively address the many issues involved in returning to in-person learning and representatives from all stakeholder groups have come together to form the Bolinas-Stinson School Steering Committee. While the decision making process may at times feel frustrating or slow, this model ensures that all viewpoints are considered before recommendations are proposed to our Board of Trustees. We are working to ensure that all health and safety decisions are based on scientific data combined with the practicality of implementation. We plan to have many items in the progress update below completed by next week, after we share the BSUSD Community handbook and CrisisGo Health Screening program with all staff and families.

Stinson Campus Walkthrough Checklist

Progress Update


District Provided PPE

In progress: 8 out of 8 items complete

Face Covering Supplies, Protocols & Training

In progress: 6 out of 7 items complete

Handwashing Supplies, Protocols & Training

In progress: 8 out of 8 items complete

Physical Distancing Requirements, Signage, & Supplies

In progress: 11 out of 13 items complete

Ingress & Egress Protocols, Signage, Communication, & Training

In progress: 4 out of 7 items complete

Health & Safety Training for Staff, Students, & Families

In progress: 2 out of 16 items complete

Communication & Planning for Action & Notification

In progress: 7 out of 14 items complete

Classroom Supplies and Protocols

In progress: 3 out of 5 items complete

Schedules & Responsibilities for Staff, Students, & Families

In progress: 25 out of 29 items complete

Cleaning Supplies,  Protocols, & Training

In progress: 5 out of 8 items complete

Point Person for Reporting, Communication, Supply Distribution

In progress: 5 out of 6 items complete 

Screening Supplies, Protocols, Training

In progress: 3 out of 10 items 

Reporting Protocols & Point People

In progress: 0 out of 5 items complete

Leaves & Accommodation Plans for Staff

In progress: 13 out of 14 items complete

Childcare Plans/Supports

In progress: 2 out of 2 items complete

Return to Work Guidelines/Conditions

In progress: 4 out of 6 items complete

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments.


Michelle Stephens