Principal's Message, October 30, 2020

Dear Bolinas Stinson families,

Thank you for your patience as we work to address the many issues involved in opening our campuses for in-person learning. Together we are forging new territory in a collaborative and careful process for everyone's health and safety. While we all look forward to a date where students can come back in person, reopening safely is contingent on addressing many important factors for all stakeholders. 

To help clarify where we are at in the reopening process, the steering committee has developed a campus walkthrough progress checklist. The checklist below reflects the progress made at the last Stinson Campus walkthrough on Monday, October 26th. Our next Stinson Campus walkthroughs will take place on Monday, November 2nd, and 3rd. We will share updates weekly and hope to have most, if not all, of the issues addressed and be able to move forward soon.

Stinson Campus Walkthrough Checklist

Progress Update as of 10/29/20

Progress Update Scheduled for 11/2/20

District Provided PPE

In progress: 7 out of 9 items complete

Face Covering Supplies, Protocols & Training

In progress: 5 out of 7 items complete

Handwashing Supplies, Protocols & Training

In progress: 6 out of 8 items complete

Physical Distancing Requirements, Signage, & Supplies

In progress: 6 out of 13 items complete

Ingress & Egress Protocols, Signage, Communication, & Training

In progress: 6 out of 7 items complete

Health & Safety Training for Staff, Students, & Families

In progress: 2 out of 17 items complete

Communication & Planning for Action & Notification

To be addressed: 14 items 

Classroom Supplies and Protocols

To be addressed: 5 items 

Schedules & Responsibilities for Staff, Students, & Families

To be addressed: 30 items 

Cleaning Supplies,  Protocols, & Training

To be addressed: 7 items 

Point Person for Reporting, Communication, Supply Distribution

To be addressed: 3 items 

Screening Supplies, Protocols, Training

To be addressed: 10 items

Reporting Protocols & Point People

To be addressed: 5 items 

Leaves & Accommodation Plans for Staff

To be addressed: 14 items 

Childcare Plans/Supports

To be addressed: 2 items 

Return to Work Guidelines/Conditions

To be addressed: 5 items 

What can you and your family do to help us return to in person learning?

As we look forward to returning to in person learning, it is important that we are all aware of, and practicing the health and safety protocols that have been developed by our local public health department and the Marin County Office of Education. Specifically, we encourage all of you to:

  1. Avoid Gatherings of More Than 5 People, Especially Indoor Gatherings

  2. Wear A Face Covering When You Leave Your Home

  3. Maintain Social Distance When in Contact with Others

  4. Wash Hands Frequently

I wanted to share the most recent draft of the Student & Family Handbook for COVID 19 Safety from MCOE~ Manual Del Estudiante Y La Familia Seguridad Covid 19. This draft does not yet have our school name or site specific information, as we are still editing it to be specific for our site.  Please carefully read through this initial draft and share any suggestions or concerns with me.  Remember that the information and restrictions will change as Marin County moves between tiers. We will keep you fully informed of any changes as they become available. We will be sending a more complete version once we have revised it to reflect our district specific information. 

Thank you for working together to help keep our staff, students, and families safe and healthy! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

Michelle Stephens

Bolinas-Stinson School Principal