Bostin school

Dear Bolinas-Stinson School Families:

After receiving guidance today from the Marin County Department of Public Health, we have cancelled classes in Bolinas-Stinson for the next two weeks. This action is to help slow the expansion of Corona Virus (COVID-19) infections. 

As of today, March 13, students should not come to school.  We will remain closed to students for at least 2 weeks and have a tentative plan to re-open on Monday, March 30. Our plans and actions will change as conditions warrant. Please download the mobile app and check the website regularly. (“Bo-Stin” in the app store- allow notifications for regular updates.)

Important facts to remember as we proceed with this unprecedented measure:

·      There have been no reports of COVID-19 infections in our school community. The closure is being implemented to reduce the high-density gathering of children and not because there is any evidence of the virus’ presence on our campus.

·      All schools in Marin will be closed beginning on Monday.

·      We have closed all classrooms to human traffic over the weekend and on Monday 3/16. (That interval is well beyond the amount of time that COVID-19 can survive in the open.) On Tuesday, our trained maintenance/ custodial staff will deep-clean all classrooms and Teachers will be permitted to return to work independently in their rooms or may elect to work from home. This is being done from an abundance of caution not because we suspect the virus to be present at school.

·      Teachers and other support staff will provide learning activities and assignments remotely via e-mail or other electronic media. Our intention is not to provide instruction on par with the regular school program; assignments are intended to allow students to keep up on basic assignments and to retain essential skills.

·      The yards and playgrounds will remain open for families and small groups. Gatherings of more than 6 people are not recommended.

·      The office will be open on Tuesday 3/17/20/ and we will post updates on the office schedule as needed. You may call (415) 868-1603 if you have questions or need assistance of any kind. You may also e-mail administrative staff:

Johanna Scutt, District Secretary: 

Michelle Stephens, Principal  :  

John Carroll, Superintendent:

This is an unprecedented time in our history and we must all remember to be considerate, forgiving and generous with one another. If we approach this challenge as a caring community, it will lower stress, reduce panic, facilitate better decisions and return us more quickly to a normal, healthy state.

Thank you all for doing your part.

John Carroll,