7th Grade Student Painting "Starry Night"

Dear Bolinas-Stinson School Families and Community,

It has been a fantastic school year so far, with a great lineup of teachers, specialists, paraeducators and support staff; the implementation of new literacy and math programs; and students who are eager and ready to learn!  Thank you to parents and staff for working together to ensure our students have the support they need to be happy and successful. I look forward to our continued partnership in the new year to make 2020 even better! 


Bolinas Museum Showcase - BSUSD Students Relate to The Universe

I hope parents and students were able to check out a collection of BSUSD student artwork on display at the Bolinas Museum this weekend. This is the first time student art has been exhibited at the Bolinas Museum in many years. The student artwork reflects their interpretation of how they relate to the Universe. (Not all student work is displayed due to limited space.) Thanks to a collaboration between our Art Shops and the museum, this display compliments Don Jolley's astrolabes in the main gallery. 

The School Climate Survey Challenge is Open Now!  

The grade level with the highest combined participation of students, teachers, AND parents will win a class party! 

Please help me kick-off the new year by sharing your perception of our school. While we are continuously working to improve our school climate, communication, and learning conditions, there is always room for improvement.  

Please help us by sharing your feedback and filling out the New School Climate Survey using the link I sent in a recent email.  If you do not have a device or access to the internet, we will have devices available for parents to use in the office.

This new survey is quick and easy - it should take less than five minutes! It is my goal to get 75 percent or higher parent response to help focus our efforts on areas needing improvement. All responses are anonymous and the results will only be reported as group responses. Because we are a small school, it is critical to get a high percentage of responses in order to identify trends. All staff, parents, and students grades 3-8 will be taking the survey. The grade level with the highest combined participation of students, teachers, AND parents will win a class party! 

How will we use the data we receive?

  • We will use the data from the survey to identify areas of need and work to improve those areas. 
  • We will also look at areas in which we are doing well to ensure that we continue what is working.  
  • Staff, parents, and student survey responses will be very helpful in improving student relationships, learning conditions, and the overall school environment.  

Report Cards

First Trimester report cards for grades K-8 were mailed on Friday, January 19th. I apologize for the delay as we revised the report cards in an effort to make them more streamlined and to provide more detailed information about the California Standards for parents. 

An Explanation of Academic Markings was included in the recent mailing to better help parents understand their child’s progress toward end of the year expectations. Parents should refer to the grade level Progress Report Information Sheet (also included) for a more detailed explanation of key California content standards and student performance expectations specific to each grade level.

Please share any ideas or feedback about the new report card format with me as we continue our efforts to improve parent access and information about your child’s education.

Aeries Student Information System Parent Portal Goes Live!

The Aeries Student Information System (SIS) Parent Portal is now live. You should have received an email with a link and temporary password to access this. Once you log in to your child's record you will be able to view their report card history under the “Grades” tab. Please let us know if you are unable to access your child’s records or if you discover incorrect parent/emergency contact or student information. 

Also available on the Aeries Parent Portal - California State Testing History. If your child is in grade 4 or above, you will be able to access their State Testing History. This includes the annual California Assessment for Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) and California Science Test (CAST) for grades 6 and above. Click on the "Test Score" tab, and select, "State Test Score Reports". You should be able to click on a language selection for the scores you wish to view.

This is the first of many new improvements we are working on to give parents better access to their child’s education. I look forward to sharing more information and increased access with parents and students in the future. Please email me if you are interested in a quick Aeries training session or if you have any questions regarding the Aeries SIS Parent Portal.

Bus Schedules

Thank you for your flexibility with the recent changes to our bus schedules and bus stops. I appreciate the feedback from parents and staff to keep things running smoothly and safely. The latest changes are working well and I do not anticipate future changes to this schedule. A huge thank you to Kara, Ben, Marty and parents for your patience and perseverance to make the new schedule a success!

Interim Music Program Update

The following is an overview of music instruction by grade level for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Grades PreK-1st 

  • Conga with Jerry Bogeste
  • Thematic Music Instruction with Molly Maguire

Grade 2 

  • Thematic Music Instruction with Molly Maguire

Grades 3-4 

  • Music instruction with Anna Tosick focused on developing Recorder skills and Thematic Music Instruction

Grade 5-6 

  • Working on open source coding programs to build coding skills
  • Move into Music-based coding once students begin to build their proficiency

Grades 7-8 

  • Spanish program two days a week

After school music classes will continue on Wednesday afternoons with Irena


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or just want to check in.



Michelle Stephens

Bolinas-Stinson School Principal