Bolinas-Stinson Students at the Stinson Beach One Mile Run

Dear Bolinas-Stinson School Families and Community,

Last week was jam-packed with activities, and this week is even busier!  Check out all the exciting things that have been happening at our school and what’s coming up!


The Annual Stinson Beach One Mile Run - Congratulations to our students!

Thank you Carlos (PE Specialist) for your help organizing and encouraging our students to participate in the Annual Stinson Beach One Mile Run that took place on Wednesday, September 18th. 

Congratulations to all our students who participated and placed in the race! Alice Martinelli, Alice Walker, Jordan Martinelli-11th place, Scarlett Cavette-10th place, Orion Springer-Lich-8th place, Jimena Bat-8th place, Atticus Siedman-7th place, Zoe Kruk-6th place and Ocean Gunter-3rd place. Special appreciation to Evan Gunter, Miguel Lemus Temer and parents for their support of the event.

Great Turn-out at the Bolinas-Stinson School Community Coffee Chat! 

Thank you to everyone who joined us at last Thursday morning for our first Coffee Chat of the year. It was our highest attended Coffee Chat so far, and we had a robust conversation driven by parent interests. Below is a quick summary of what we addressed.

  • Music Program - Questions regarding the suddenness of the changes in the music program and why parents were not informed about the changes in staffing and rooms. 

    • We discussed that personnel information is confidential and we reacted as quickly as possible to implement a viable music program for the 2019-20 school year and inform parents of the changes

    • We are looking at a new music program model that embraces authentic learning and the performing arts by showcasing the rich and diverse talents of local performing artists 

    • Question regarding hiring a certificated music teacher vs. using local musicians - the group discussed the pros and cons of both models

    • We are working to develop an after school band/music class for students

    • We are creating a Music Committee to help inform the music program for our school. If you are interested in participating on this committee, please contact me.

    • As part of the changes this year, rather than receive two periods of music per week, students receive one period of music and one period of Spanish in grades Pre-K-6.  Grades 7-8 receive two periods of Spanish. Spanish instruction has been a longstanding priority for parents, the Board of Trustees, and the community. So far, both students and parents love it!

  • Lunch Time Schedules - Questions regarding how we can help our children slow down and eat. Some parents are having problems with their child eating lunch

    • Current lunchtime policy: Students need to sit and eat for ten minutes before being dismissed to play

    • Discussion around flipped lunch to get students to eat after playing - Currently using flipped snack on the Stinson Campus and tried flipped lunch last year on the Bolinas Campus, but students did not like it, so went back to regular schedule

    • Idea to offer an Assembly on nutrition and the importance of eating well

  • Bus Schedules - Question around recent AM bus schedule inconsistencies

    • Scheduling mistakes should now be resolved - please let us know if they persist

    • Parents love the notifications they recieve on the BSUSD App

  • Thanks for the great conversation, ideas and more! Hope you can join us for our next Coffee Chat in October!

Successful Worldwide Walkout for Climate Action!

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us in our walkout for climate action. Together with our students and the Bolinas community, we listened to local environmental speakers, heard inspiring stories, and listened as our students shared their feelings about where we are headed and the importance of cherishing the beauty of our world. 

The day was filled with reminders of how we can all make a difference in climate change and accomplish more when we work together. Special thanks to Mimi Calpestri for organizing the event, Carol Luther for hosting it so graciously, and the many community members who came out to support the event.

"Our Stinson students Pre-K through 1st grade and staff observed Climate Change Action Day by talking in class about the importance of helping to keep our environment clean and healthy. Students then gathered in the yard to share what they love about our planet, and to sing 'We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands.'  We then listened for the bells ringing in Stinson and Bolinas (hard to hear those ones!), and rang our own bells in solidarity. It was a lovely event on a beautiful day." (Lauren Pollak, 1st Grade Teacher).

Bolinas-Stinson Beach School Foundation (BSBSF) Support for Fall Afterschool programs

We have been fortunate that for over 20 years The BSBS Foundation has generously provided funds for an array of wonderful programs, projects, enrichment, and field trips for our students. Recently, the BSBSF has had to change their funding structure and are only able to offer full scholarships to students based on financial need ($250/child maximum scholarship) for Fall/Spring. The foundation is committed to supporting our students and still offers scholarships at 25%, 50%, and 75% based on student financial need and availability.

Keep your eyes open for new and creative fundraising events to support this important organization for our kids!


All School Assembly on Wednesday, September 25th, 8:25 AM, Bolinas Campus Quesada

This week our 3rd and 4th graders will host our All School Assembly. We will continue to learn about our staff and students as they participate in The “True or False” game.  3rd and 4th graders have been working with teachers Rachael and Anna to share information on our Zero Waste Program as well as a create a short skit focusing on “No One Eats Alone.” Students have been showcasing strategies at each assembly to reduce social isolation and build an inclusive school community. See you there!

Bolinas-Stinson Tour to Learn Night! - Grades Pre-K-8th, Thursday, September 26th, Bolinas Campus, 6:30-8:00 PM -  Volunteers needed! 

Schedule of the Evening’s Events

  • 6:30-7:00 PM Meet in back by the cob oven for cob oven pizza, salad, and dessert table (proceeds will benefit the Bolinas-Stinson Parent Group)

  • 7:00-8:00 PM Families will be invited to tour the campus with students acting as tour guides

  • Art shops specialists and homeroom teachers will have activities for students/families to get a sample of what they are learning in school

  • After students have completed an activity, the specialist/teacher will give students a stamp on their Bolinas-Stinson Map

I hope your whole family will join us for this exciting All-School event for Pre-K-8th Grade. Our annual Specialist BBQ was so much fun last year that we decided to expand it to include all our staff and parents this year! Come on out and have a bite, mingle with other families, and let your child lead the way!  

Each classroom teacher/specialist will be hosting a fun and educational activity for their students. Students will be given a Bolinas Campus map (made by our 3rd & 4th Graders). They will act as your family tour guide for the evening as they visit their homerooms, art shops, PE, and learning center and guide you through the various activities.  Only students will be able to present their maps for a stamp at each area (parents cannot do it for them.)

This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to see first hand what your child is learning in their homeroom and with specialists, as well as a great time to connect with other parents and our fantastic staff! Our Stinson Campus teachers (Pre-K-1st grade) will have special “pop-up” classrooms on the Bolinas Campus for students to visit. 

All School Beach Day!, Friday, October 4th, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, Shell Beach - Parents please join us for this fun event! 

This special day helps build a cohesive school community as we enjoy the natural beauty of Shell Beach. Field trip forms coming home on Tuesday.  See schedule below.

  • All students K-8th grade will begin the school day at the Bolinas campus at 8:25 AM

    • Kindergarten & 1st  grade students will begin the school day in the Bolinas campus library  

    • 2nd - 8th grade students will start in regular classrooms

  • AM Departure from Campus: All K-8 students will depart for Shell Beach from the Bolinas Campus on the bus at 9:00 AM, arriving at Shell beach by 10:00 AM

  • PM Return to Campus: The bus will depart from Shell Beach at 2:00 PM, arriving back to the Bolinas campus by 3:00 PM. All PM busses are on the normal schedule.

That's it for now! As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say, "Hi!"


Michelle Stephens

Bolinas-Stinson School Principal