Information About Measure B:


Voters in the Bolinas-Stinson School District will be asked to approve Measure B, a renewal of the school parcel tax with a mail-in ballot this August.


The parcel tax was first approved by the voters over 20 years ago and has been a critical part of funding quality programs for our local children ever since.  The tax currently provides approximately 12% of the school’s operating revenue and is used to fund art, music, physical education, student nutrition and field trips.


The parcel tax has not been adjusted since 2013 and the current proposed increase ($1.59 per month) ensures that it will remain  among the lowest in Marin County for the next five years and will help maintain current programs.


This list of frequently asked questions is intended to ensure that the public has factual information about Measure B:



Q: How much is the parcel tax?

A: The current parcel tax is $300 per parcel annually.  If the proposed renewal is successful, it will be $318 after June 2020.



Q: Who pays the parcel tax?

A: Anyone who owns property (a parcel) within district boundaries.


Q: Is there a senior exemption?

A: Yes, property owners age 65 or older will be exempt only for their primary residences. The school encourages senior exemptions and will provide assistance to any senior seeking one. Current exemptions will remain in effect so there is no need to re-apply.


Q: How long will the new parcel tax be in effect?

A: 5 years.


Q: Will there be a built in increase each year?

A: No. Unlike most districts, Bolinas-Stinson will maintain a flat rate.


Q: Why does the school need a parcel tax?

A: Without renewing the parcel tax, the school’s state and local funding streams are not sufficient to provide for current arts, PE and experiential programs in addition to the core academic program.


Q: Is Measure B intended to add new programs or staff?

A: No. Measure B is to only maintain current programs.


Q: Do other school districts have parcel taxes and how does Bolinas- Stinson compare to those?

A: Yes. Some districts have more than one. The highest total parcel tax in Marin is $1,498.00 with a 3% yearly increase. The lowest is $293.66 with a 2% yearly increase.  At $318.00 per year, Bolinas-Stinson would be among the three lowest in Marin and one of only two with no yearly increase.




If you have further questions, please call Superintendent John Carroll at (415)720-0051.