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Oliver Whitcroft

STEAM Enhanced Wood Shop


The Woodshop / Maker Space seeks to create a safe and fun environment for creativity to thrive. As a part of the esteemed Art Shops at Bolinas School, we encourage exploring & hands on learning as an outlet for expression. Most students have Art Shop twice a week and can come in to open studio during breaks. Integrating class studies from other areas, projects tend to fly out the door whether they are form or function oriented.

We are currently working to add new fabrication tools and curriculum to the enhance the the long legacy of the Woodshop goodness while adapting it to the modern era. On top of the traditional woodworking instruments, we now have a Vinyl Cutter, 3D printer, and working on getting a Laser Cutter and CNC.

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Oliver Whitcroft studied Art and Music at UC Santa Cruz with a focus on Printmaking and Electronic Music. He also went through Bolinas-Stinson school and Tam High. Wearing many hats, he has been teaching, learning and making art for more than a decade.

He went back to Cabrillo College to study Photography and Digital Fabrication and happened to be on the ground floor as the Cabrillo FAB LAB got established. Soaking up tool-room knowledge and helping out as a mentor, he kept working with wood, metal, and digital media. He is exited get to work/play in his alma mater to inspire a culture of creative freedom and confidence in the arts.

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