Principal's Message, June 7, 2020

Dear Bolinas-Stinson School Families and Community,

This school year has been a unique learning experience for all of us. Together, we have risen to the challenge and pushed ourselves to persevere in spite of many obstacles. I want to say a huge thank you to our fantastic BSUSD teachers, staff, Board of Trustees, Superintendent John Carroll, Chief Business Officer/Facilities Director Catherine Hawes, parents, and most of all, to our students. We worked together as a school community, supporting each other as we struggled through these unprecedented times. For that, I am very thankful.


Why talking with our kids about racial injustice is important.

Our children are closely watching our reactions to recent events as they construct the landscape of their own personal values and ideals. Please take the time to discuss the current civil unrest and historic racism in our country with your family. I have always believed that if we see an injustice and remain silent, we are complicit in perpetuating that injustice. We must stand together and speak honestly with our children about the racial injustice that continues to plague our nation. 

At the Bolinas-Stinson School we believe diversity makes us stronger. We believe every human is entitled to the same privileges, rights, and protections regardless of the color of their skin. Our teachers and staff hold students and themselves to this standard. We are working together to uphold these principles and ensure that our students learn to respect all people and expect human and civil rights for all.

Below are some links from to help you navigate these important conversations with your children:

Racism and Violence: How to Help Kids Handle the News; support for difficult conversations. 

Helping Children Cope With Frightening News; processing grief and fear in a healthy way. 


Available On the Aeries Parent Portal, Monday, June 15th

Teachers will be writing end of the year academic narratives that outline student progress and areas of need during the third trimester. Due to the limitations of distance learning and assessing student progress, academic marks will not be given this trimester on your child’s standards based report card. Teachers will make individualized recommendations for areas students should continue to practice over the summer. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


Please check with your child’s teacher to ensure you have access to online resources.

We recognize that our families and students need to dial back the pace during the summer, after a rigorous schedule of distance learning this last trimester. The Bolinas-Stinson School will continue to offer all students access to the following online platforms: IXL, Lexia, and Dreambox. Teachers are working closely with students and parents to ensure that everyone is proficient using these online platforms to support student learning over the summer. Teachers will be writing end of the year narratives on student report cards, that outline student progress and areas of need, with individualized recommendations for student practice over the summer. 

 Parents, you can help improve your child’s individualized learning on IXL by having them slowly work through the various diagnostic sections. This helps pinpoint student levels and creates a personalized action plan. Every recommendation is tailored to your child’s needs based on their responses in the diagnostic, and is designed to fill their knowledge gaps. Have fun exploring the IXL Learning Platform! Check out these resources currently available for Summer Learning with IXL


If you haven’t already, please find time to take the parent survey emailed to parents on June 5th.

Last week I emailed parents the School Reopening Parent Survey and shared information about the School Reopening Task-Force. Thank you to the many families who have shared their feelings, ideas, and concerns about reopening school for the 2020-21 school year. The information you provided will help the task force create recommendations for the safe reopening of our school. If you are interested in being considered for the School Reopening Task force, please send your name to


We will be hosting a small private drive-in graduation ceremony for graduates and their immediate families.

In an effort to keep staff, graduates and their families safe, and in compliance with Marin County Health Department and Marin Schools recommendations, the Bolinas Campus will be closed during this special ceremony to all but the graduates, their immediate family, and staff who will be presenting. 

You can show your support to our graduates and their families by putting up decorations and signage and watch the event remotely. We will provide a link to view the event soon. We ask our school community members, and current and former students to respect the need to keep campus closed during this event.


We will miss you Cathy and Rebecca and wish you all the best!

It is a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to Cathy Nichelini Jones and Rebecca Braun at the end of this year. These two veteren teachers have dedicated over 50 years of service to our school between the two of them. There are not enough words to express our deep gratitude for their years of service and the many lives they touched. Both Rebecca and Cathy will be recognized at our modified graduation ceremony. If you would like to send a heartfelt message to them, you may send a card to the school office and we will make sure they receive it!


Message from Grace Godino

Dear Parents and Students,

Even the library goes on vacation in the summer.  Please return ALL your books by Monday, June 8.  There is a “return” box on the front porch of the office where you can drop them off.  I am looking forward to seeing you when school starts up again, and I have lots of great new books to share with you.

Summer reading Kick-Off!
The Marin County Free Library and our wonderful local librarians have provided each student with a great free book to start the summer.  Come by the library table on the front porch of the office and find the bag with your name on it.  Please pick up by Friday, June 12th.  Read ON!

Many thanks,



I hope you are able to join me for our last parent Zoom meeting of the 2019-20 school year. I will be sharing the latest information from the Marin County Health Department, Marin County Office of Education, and survey feedback with parents. I will also be answering questions and listening to ideas about how to safely open our school for the 2020-21 school year. Please keep your eyes open for the zoom invite!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 


 Michelle Stephens

Bolinas-Stinson School Principal